Author: Ruben Rabines

Women in Data Science, Strength and Empowerment

On Friday February 3rd, took place the Women in Data Science Conference (#WiDS2017), which happened at 80+ locations worldwide with live stream from Stanford University. It was an amazing event, where you were able to learn how many professional women are making sense out of data, their latest data science related researches in multiple domains and how they are using data science for success at th...Read More

IBM presents Predictive Analytics

We had our last 2016 Data Science Meetup speaker series, December 15th with Jim Crozier from IBM Data Science, giving us a great detailed introduction to Python 2.0 with Spark 2.0 (PySpark) and showcased it analyzing NFL data. Jim gave us the Apache Spark IBM approach…Power of data. Simplicity of design. Speed of innovation. Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory...Read More

EMC’s Steve Todd: Innovation and the Value of Data

Steve Todd, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Innovation at EMC, took the stage at eMerge Americas and spoke about the 5 valuation pillars, what a company must need for a data valuation process. So the first pillar, Predictively Spot New Opportunities via a Data Analytic Lifecycle In order to extract the most value out of data, companies must launch data initiatives that (a) uncover new sou...Read More

Where Does Big Data Come From?

At BISILO we have been focusing on several Big Data areas, but after so many articles and interviews, meetups, we still get the question from several people outside these topics…Where Does Big Data Come From? I want to use the answer from the book Streaming Analytics with IBM Streams, it uses a very elegant way to approach the answer: One could say that big data has been around forever. In informa...Read More